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Element of fire - connection with body. The Sandrus tree grows in South of Spain and Morocco. Clears the atmosphere, provides clarity. Calms and relaxes the vegetative nerve system, fortifies and detents. Good to be mixed with Benzoin, Sandalwood and Angelica Root. These kinds of incense are to be used in purifying rituals, like eliminating negative forces which block the flow of energy, in living areas as well as in a person's aura. Also an excellent incense for rituals of witchcraft and shamans.
Sandrus got its name from the Assyrian words for "as bright as the moon," which actually refers to a mineral that it resembles. During the days of Jesus, Sandrus was traded under the name of "gold" and is considered by some to be the "gold" gift from the visiting Magi to the infant Jesus. Sandrus has Saturn influence in its association with juniper, it is Moon in appearance, and its scent is of Mercury, having two completely different aspects--fresh and light and heavy and dark. Also known as gum juniper.
Magical Associations: healing, spirituality, dreams, friendship

Astrological Association: Cance, Planetary Association: Moon, Arabic Magical Association: Su, Season: Spring, Autumn


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